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Dagupan Appeals anew to Upgrade to City Police Office

DAGUPAN APPEALS ANEW TO UPGRADE TO CITY POLICE OFFICE, reiterating a now 20-year old request from the Sanggunian to the Philippine National Police leadership, from its present “police station” status.

Dagupan police chief Abubakr Mangelen said the application, if granted, would increase the current police strength from 124 officers to 600, approximating the ideal police to citizen ratio of 1:5.

He added that Dagupan is now the only remaining independent component city among 5 other ICCs in the country that is protected by a police station. When elevated into a police office, Dagupan plans to create four new police stations, a tourist police station in Bonuan and the creation of additional mobile police forces.

Councilor Celia C. Lim, author of the resolution, said the approval of the city’s application is timely and would be responsive to the growing needs of the times.
On the same regular session, Councilor Dennis Canto sponsored a resolution to fete new lawyer Roxanne Daphne Lapaan of Caranglaan for passing the 2019 bar examinations.

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