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A Highly Productive SP in Full Attendance Approves 50 Million Bayanihan Grant for Dagupan and other ECQ Measures

A HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE SP IN FULL ATTENDANCE APPROVES 50 MILLION BAYANIHAN GRANT FOR DAGUPAN AND OTHER ECQ MEASURES in special session today April 29, 2020, including the swift and decisive approval of the following measures-

Ordinance No. 748 – Approving the Supplemental Investment Plan No. 2 (Approved)

Ordinance No. 749 – Reverting P124,576,833.44 funded from Bayanihan Grant; Unappropriated Balance from SB No. 1 (P60,355,786.44); reversion from various implemented projects under 20% Devt fund 2013-2020; 20% devt fund-continuing balances CY 2013-parks (1,410,656.00), devt fund continuing balances – housing (3.5M), 20% devt fund continuing balances-2015 purchase of air conditioning units and water pumps (150T), 20% devt fund continuing balances 2019 devt of sheds/stalls at Tondaligan (2M), 20% devt fund cy 2020 – preservation of old water tank at Jovellanos (1M), devt of promenade at Brgy 1 ( 4.5M), and appropriating the same as SB No.2, CY 2020, with unappropriated balance of 20,605,238.87., As Amended (Approved)

Ordinance No. 750 – Granting moratorium to public market stallholders and vendors by extending the period of rent holiday in Malimgas Market, Makong Phase 1 and specified portions of the new Galvan Market (Approved)

Resolution No. 5921 – authorizing the City Mayor to enter into MOA with Department of Agriculture through the Bureau of Plant Industry for the Implementation of Urban Agriculture program (Approved)

Resolution No.5922 – authorizing the City Mayor to enter into MOA with OWWA for transport of stranded OFWs in going to or from Metro Manila (Approved)
Resolution No. 5923 – authorizing the City Mayor to enter into MOA with Philippine Red Cross for COVID-19/SARS-COV-2 Tests (Approved)

Ordinance No. 747 – prohibiting any person from Committing any act which causes stigma, disgrace, shame, humiliation, harassment, and discrimination against persons who are confirmed, suspected, or probable COVID-19 case including public and private doctors, nurses and other allied healthcare and emergency workers, volunteers/workers assigned to hospitals and other frontliners, proving penalties and fines for violation thereof (Approved)

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